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National Post

Antiabortion group investigated by elections Canada for providing
volunteers to 2019 candidates
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The Globe and Mail

The Quebec government’s secularism bill stinks to high heaven
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A ban on Muslim cemeteries is an aback on us all
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The Gazette

Toll of violence cannot deter course of I reuniting Ireland
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Assisted dying was supposed to be an option to some patients it looks like the only one
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Robert Latimer’s request for clemency is a slam-dunk ‘no.’ Does Ottawa get that?
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A Conundrum of flowers
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Laws and lawn signs
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Here comes the 24-7 classroom
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The vocabulary of who we are
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Hooded loneliness solitary fear
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MAiD and Modern Medicine
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Winning gold from the golden arches
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Hope in Wilson Raybould’s boldness
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The Long Way

Short episodes with long perspectives on building the common good.
(Courtesy of Cardus think tank)

Episode 1 – Fortitude and Fragility
Field reporter Peter Stockland gives an uplifting story about the revival of service clubs amidst the pandemic.
Listen here
Go to Peter’s clip at 13:50 or listen to the whole podcast

Episode 3 – Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust
Listen in as field reporter Peter Stockland looks at a political controversy that could put trust in government to the test. 
Listen here
Go to Peter’s clip at 15:40 or listen to the whole podcast

Episode 5 – Shaken Foundations
Field reporter Peter Stockland highlights another aspect of inequality – in education – with Cardus Education Director David Hunt.
Listen here
Go to Peter’s clip at 16:00 or listen to the whole podcast


If Only
Short stories collection by Peter Stockland (For sale 15$)

Au coeur de l’image des ainés
Story content contributor & photographs by Peter Stockland

Made To Live
Interviews & Book Editing by Peter Stockland


CBC Radio

Cross Country Checkup
Photography projects shows the humanity in palliative care
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Speaking & Conferences

Bloomsday Montreal 2020 – Academic Panel
An immersive discussion of Joyce’s work, with John McCourt, Marcello Zabaloy, Peter Stockland and Kayla Fanning.
Watch Peter’s Stockland presentation starting 39:40 to 1:03

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