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“You have my word”- Peter Stockland

Respected journalist, writer & editor
Peter Stockland is a highly experienced word crafter who can help:

✔ Write strong journalistic articles & commentary
✔ Shape your story
✔ Polish your manuscript
✔ Start, organize & complete your book
✔ Gain confidence in your writing

“Peter Stockland  has been an encouraging,  gifted, and invaluable person in the editing of my book Made to Live. His insights and questions helped me write a more personalized and captivating book that brings out my deepest feelings and insights in the intrinsic value of every human life. I look forward to our next book project together.”

— Dr. Paul Saba M.D.
Author of Made to Live

“I have worked with Peter Stockland for more than 20 years now through his years at the Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Readers Digest, Cardus publications and at Convivium magazine. Where he excels is in his ability to understand writers and the audiences they are attempting to access in a way that preserves the writer’s voice and character while ensuring it reaches the readers’ minds effectively and efficiently. I highly recommend his services.”

— Peter Menzies
President, Menzies Strategies

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